Wednesday, October 6, 2010

nottingham - manchester airport - york - nottingham

last tuesday, me and mum went to manchester airport to pick up mum's cousin and her daughter, meaning my second cousin. my second cousin, Ili will be doing her masters at the university of york.

we get out from the house at about 11.30am. when i was setting up Mr. Tomtom, we realised there's a huge, i mean a big lorry+truck trying to pass by the road in front of our house. there's a van parked outside one of the houses. and luckily, the lorry driver managed to pass by the van without any scratch. mum gives two thumbs up to the driver and he waved back to us.

the left one is the big truck with the best driver!
 on our way to manchester airport, we saw this lorry, which was carrying something like a lot of balls. it turns out to be the bowling balls. wow! i never knew that this is how they transported the bowling balls. i thought they are going to be put in a contena or something.

we have to go to terminal 2, to pick up my untie and Ili. so we parked at the multi storey parking building and wait for them at the terminal. luckily we don't have to wait that long as the process was really smooth for them. 

the parking fees was a bit expensive. for an hour and a bit, it costs us about 4.00gbp. but the parking space is really close to the terminal. so we don't have to walk that far.

after everything is settled, we get on the road, straight to york. on our way, we stopped a bit at the rest area to fill up our tummy. yes, tummy. it sounds soooo 5 year old. i had a cup of caffee latte.. sllrrppp!!!

upon arriving at york, we went straight away to the hotel that has been booked by my uncle for my untie and Ili. the city looked so creepy for some reason. we arrived at the hotel at about 5pm. after checking in into the room, we rested for a bit and went to ASDA to buy things for Ili.

behind in untie nira, the blue scarf girl is Ili.
they gave us a pack of sambla ikan bilik, fresh from malaysia. yey! we'll be fine for the next couple of months with this sambal!!

sambal ikan biliks srapped in a plastic + buble wrapper + newspaper

ili, mum, untie nora & me
 after shopping at asda, we dropped them off at the hotel and headed home. we arrived home at about 10pm. mum went straight to bed. it must be a tiring day for mum.. luckily i had mum as the co-driver so i don't feel sleepy at all during the drive.

we talked about everything. yes, i mean everything!!!