Thursday, December 2, 2010

why malaysia is the best?

  1. it's a muslim country. no need to worry of where to perform our 5-a-day solat as there are masjid and surau here, there and everywhere.
  2. it is situated on the equator line. the solat time will be almost the same time through the year. no need to look up for the solat timetable everyday.
  3. you can get food practically anywhere. they are delicious and good too.
  4. warm weather through the year as well as some months are raining heavily due to monsoon season. 
  5. you can get a city life and a village / old-school life both at the same place.
  6. you can choose whether to go for a cheap or expensive holiday, but get the same amount of satisfaction.
  7. shopping is the best! just say the name of the things that you want to get.
  8. one of the best medical service in the Asian region. 
  9. largest international airport in the world (KLIA).
ok gang. the list can go on and on and on. that is why i love malaysia so much!


Huda Ramlee said...

variety of mouth-watering food. malay, western, chinese, korean, just name it.and 'halal'.

bujal X said...

sungguh jelita..maksud saya paparan baru blog kamu.(tapi sebenarnya kamu juga begitu) he~

saya sayang negara saya~meh~~

HLiza said...

Tau..tapi teringin gak nak rasa snow tu..mana dpt template gambar besar2 tu..nak jugak..malas cari sebenarnya..

lalink7 said...

love malaysiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bery muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

attyfir said...

saya anak malaysia..thats why i love malaysia so much..

aliaaroslan said...

huda ramlee - you are right! no need to go to korea just to have a plate of korean taste..

aliaaroslan said...

bujal X - baru jumpa template ni. cerah sikit mata :) thanx for the compliment. saya juga sayang negara saya!

aliaaroslan said...

kak HLiza - pergi pada dashboard > design > template designer > nanti keluar blogger template designer > pilih tab layout > pilih tab adjust width - lebarkan width entire blog, kecilkan width sidebar.

bila masukkan gambar masa posting new post, pilih saiz gambar kepada extra large..


aliaaroslan said...

lalink7 - me toooooo

aliaaroslan said...

kakty - saya juga anak malaya!

Anonymous said...

kak alia, i love Malaysia too :) Tempat tumpah darah..

aliaaroslan said...

karl - tau takpe. nanti aku balik nak pegi lawat ko la kat sabah tu. eh, sabah kan?

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