Thursday, December 2, 2010

let it snow!

last night before going to bed, i realized that the sky is not as dark as the night before. the land was somehow glowing with light. oh, i just forgotten that is was another snowy day in nottingham. before this, i never know that snow will give out a light glow. so, now i know.

upon falling asleep, after reading my usual 4-Qul + Al-Fatihah + Ayatul Qursi + Syahadah + Salawat and sleeping doa, i come to think that i am soooo lucky. being given the opportunity see the magical wonderful creation of Allah. SNOW...

yes, of course back in malaysia we are able to see the snow in the snow world at genting highland. but that is the artifical ones, the one that is created by man. here, i am able the see it with my own eyes. how it falls down from the sky. even a small pile of it will give so much joy to a girl like me. oh, yes, i am still a girl right? LOL.

taken today, 1 dec 2010. please forgive my insanity


lalink7 said...

wowwww cik aliaa mengganazzzzzzzz...heheheh

aliaaroslan said...

ha, jakun ok!