Saturday, December 4, 2010

where's the snow for today?

sengih needs to go to school today. apparently her school is not close like botak's school. however, she was telling us that they did nothing at school today. even the teacher was saying "you can do whatever you want. i'm not bothered to teach because there's only 7 of you". so, what sengih and her friends did was playing in the field, which the snow was untouched for the past 3 days. she said the snow piles up to knee high. its like snow-swimming in a kids pool.

meanwhile, me, DrNotts and botak went for a good 30 minutes walk outside the house. the snow doesn't come down anymore since last night. so there's no sign of newly fresh snow on the road. the old ones has been stepped on by people so it becomes icy and slippery on some part. we have to walk slowly and carefully. however botak almost fall down most of the time, pretending that he slipped because of the slippery surface. but DrNotts was saying "saje la tu, nak pretend main ice skating ke."

we walked to wazan, to buy some plantain (pisang tanduk) for tomorrow's tea time snack. of course we snapped some good pictures and some "pretend" fighting scenes.

i think the pictures show more of me bullying botak, rather than "pretend" fighting scenes. hahaha..

for today's tea time snack, i baked this:

bread pudding
i got the recipe from my x-uitm & x-officemate, Hanah. thanks nana!

hope everybody will be having a good weekend! ma'a salam..

Recipe - Bread Pudding

Bahan A:
500ml susu cair
500ml krim
70g butter

Bahan B:
250g gula
10 biji telur
1 sudu teh esen vanila

Bahan C:
750g roti putih potong kecil-kecik
50g buah kering (saya guna kismis sahaja)

  1. Didihkan bahan A dalam periuk
  2. Pukul sebati bahan B
  3. Gaulkan bahan C
  4. Masukkan bahan A dalam mangkuk B
  5. Tuang ke dalam bekas C
  6. masukkan dalam dulang pembakar
  7. Bakar 30-40 minit, suhu 180 darjah dengan kaedah double boil.


Dr Singa said...

ko selalu buli Botak!!
kesian dia!!
meh sini Botak...meh kat Antie...

aliaaroslan said...

drsinga - dah upah dengan kuih bakar yang dibuat oleh sengih.

HLiza said...

Lama akak tak masak puding roti; ada 20 tahun kot..kalau masak makan ke bebudak tu..malas nanti akak kena habiskan..

aliaaroslan said...

kak HLiza - kat rumah ni ada jugak peminat. hehe