Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not-So-Spring Korea Trip : Departinggg

Mind the grammar... Again? Hey Aliaa! Please read some more so that you can be good at writing in english.

Yup, as promised (couple of times in my previous blog entry) I am going to blog about my latest trip to korea. This time, I went with Aiman + Miza + Lana and aAlim. A good experience for me while observing and experiencing some challenges travelling with a 2 1/2 years old toddler.

Shall I write according to date? Yes. Yes I shall.

20th Feb 2013. LCCT to Incheon Airport. 

I went home  from work as usual, at 5.30pm. Luckily that me and Alim already did the packing the night before. This time around, the packing part doesn't take that much time since we do not need to bring any rempah / daun limau purut / perencah nasi goreng adabi / brahim's packages etcetera for Mama. instead, we are bringing 2 sets of clothes per person and extra luggages. Because this time around, we are going to be bringin Mama's stuff back to Malaysia.

Mama sponsored all our flight tickets, and everything.

Aiman, Miza and Lana came around the house when maghrib was falling. Me and Alim solat maghrib and straight away ready to go to LCCT. Mamat was already at the house when I came back from work.

Some arrangements need to be made when arranging our luggages and Lana's pram in Mama's car. Then off we go to LCCT. We arrived there around 8.30pm but the check in and luggage drop counter was not opened yet. Since our flight was scheduled at 1.00am (29th Feb), the counter will only be opened at 10.00pm. So we went for our dinner first at the Oldtown White Coffee.

We didn't opt for Mc D. Not because of boycotting, by the food is no good.

half-emptied luggages

me and my sayang Alim

Aiman, Miza and Lana

1/2 of the twins, Mamat

once the counter was opened, we straight away lined up for check in and luggae drop.  in the mean time, Maisa, Zul and Sofea arrived.

settling the matters

Zul, Maisa and Sofea

Settled with check-in and luggage drop, we went for a drink then straight away going into the departure hall. Of course through Malaysia Kastam and security. 

perempuan gemuk
We've waited until they call us to board the plane. Once on the plane, we looked for our seats and settle down. Once the flight is stable, everyone was fallen into sleep. Well, at least I did. Hehehe... Only to wake up for some sandwiches and tea. Not coffee though or else I can't continue my sleep afterwards and I'm going to be cranky once arrived in Incheon. 

filling in the arrival card

We've arrived at Incheon at about 7.30am local time. Well, the time difference is only 1 hour, they are ahead of us (Malaysia). 

Upon landing

getting ready to face the 0-degree (that was informed by the cabin crew)

only on my 3rd visit to Korea that I took picture here. on our way to the train station. the train will take us to the other side of the airport, which located the immigration counter, luggage pickup and everything. basically the main building of the Incheon airport.

in the train

super excited Mama seeing her granddaughter after a year.

Then me and Mama went to look for taxi counter. Since we have a toddler with us, it was not convenience to travel back to Mama's house in Yongin by train and bus.

If we were to take the longer way, we need to travel by train from Incheon Airport to Seoul, which will take 1 hour. Then travel by bus from Seoul to Yongin, which will take 1 1/2 hours. It will cost about KRW6,000 = RM18 per person, which will cost RM108 for all of us. But we took a big van-taxi, which cost us KRW130,000 = RM390. They charged by meter + toll fare. It was door to door service and was convenient for us who has many luggages + a non-stop-moving toddler.

We arrived Yongin (HUSF = Hankuk Uni of Foreign Studies), Mama's house at around 11.30am. We were starving already. So we decided to shower and head straight out to Mohyeon for lunch.