Thursday, December 2, 2010


i had a good chat with izzat today. as usual, our chatting timing would be early in the morning and at night, malaysia time. the reason would be she needs to go to work in between, of course.

after saying hi and asking for each others health condition, we started to talk about our good old days back in the uitm. the reason was she was talking to her friend, Mr Cekal about our activities and routine there in uitm. the biggest side activities was pbsm, of course.

some pictures are here and here. if i were to put the all here and in my facebook, i think i have to open a second account as there are too many of them.

well, i'm not going to talk about the boring pbsm thingy ma jiggy. its about izzat.

we met on 13th January 1997, at SMKA Maahad Hamidiah Kajang. why did i remember the date? because that was the first day / registration day for my secondary school, which i was chosen to go to maahad. that was also our first day of hell and excruciating orientation week. as the new comer, form 1 to be exact, of course we got bullied by everyone. but we managed to get through the week though.

well, she was volunteering to be the head girl for the orientation week. most of the other girls didn't like her. one of the reason was that she suggested that we (me and the rest of the girls) got punished for being late for one of the morning assembly. the punishment was to run around the football field, on the hot and sunny day. to add to the pain inside and outside our body, it was a fasting month too. lets imagine the fire burning in our heart at that time ey.. little that we know, she was being threatened by one of the senior if she didn't do that. later on, we forgave her.

oh, our destiny is sooooo close together that we (me and izzat) had been destined to be in the same class, form 1 Zaid Al-Harith. we were not so close then as she was not staying in the hostel. we again got to the same class when we were in form 2 Osman. later on when we were in form 3, again we got in the same class and we grew closer and being good friends as we sat next to each other in the class. during PMR, she scored a lot better than me as I always play, play and play (up until now, LOL). at that time i didn't know whether i wanted to go into the science stream or account stream as my PMR result of on the border line between those two streams. finally i chose to go into the science stream and again, we had been destined in the same class, form 4 ibn rusyd (the teachers did all the arrangements). when we realized it, we chose to seat next to each other again. and we became much closer.

in the middle of that form 4 year, me and my family went to nottingham, uk as DrNotts continuing her PhD here. i didn't realize that izzat and me were so close that through my years here in nottingham back then, she is the only one who keeps on writing to me and sending me raya cards. of course we keep on moving with our own lives but not to forget to keep on writing to each other.

when i came back to malaysia and being selected to go to uitm, at that time, izzat was already in her first semester there doing her diploma. she was so happy when i told her that i got into uitm too. in uitm we grew closer. we talked about everything, helped each other out. sleepovers at each others college, movies marathon, bus trip to KL, pbsm trip around peninsular malaysia, camping trips, road trips, MMS, all other duties that we had and of course personal stuff, - boyfriends, girlfriends, crushes, midnight talk, etc.

then she continues to degree program and i continue to my masters program, which i chose to do in upm. we were apart but we always contacted each other. then i started to work while she finished her degree. right after that she got a job in melaka and i came back to nottingham.

we disagreed on some things, but agreed on most of the things. there were times that i couldn't stand to be next to her, but at the end we found peace. now we are soooo far apart form each other, she was telling me that she misses me soooo much. ermmm, am sooo touched.

ok, babe. i miss you too.


Momoe said...

haha Mr Cekal, epic xD
wondered if she mentioned me too to him, i'll be so berbesar hati then

aliaaroslan said...

momoe - of course she must mention you to him. if not, lets not give izzat anymore cupcakes. yey! haha

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