Thursday, December 9, 2010


Miss MOMOE has given me the secret recipe of her baking career. Hopefully tomorrow I will find the right utensils to undergo the experiment.

I miss your chicken bun that you made for us during our Datuk trip (as well as the hawt-cakes and apple pies).

I miss your chocolate pie (yummmy!!!).

I miss your favorite quotation "tak selesa" and saying it with your style.

and of course, your Fruit Tartlets.

Nanti aku kawen, aku tempat kat ko eh banyak2 fruit tartlets. tapi nak yang mini version punya. sekali ngap, teruja sampai perut nak nangis (as Kak Mimah said it..).


Momoe said...

apakah ini post rindu2an? yes nk print n ltk dlm frame!

thnx for th thought^^ tk care

h4ni3 said...

makan lagi????

aliaaroslan said...

momoe - frame, jangan tak frame! huahauhua..

aliaaroslan said...

drhanie - masak aje, tak makan.. hihi.. boleh caye ke?