Friday, May 31, 2013

Models of the year

Who wants to buy Pringles?

Ariani anyone?

Friday... today...

Of course it's Friday. What other day could it be?

This morning, mother and the kids headed to Semua House, KL. Mother said that she wants to go to one of the blouse shop in there. The kids, Mamat, Widad and Alim are on semester break and school holiday so they accompanied her there.

Here in the office, I got to prepare 6 teaching files. There will be an ISO internal audit on 10 & 11 June and definitely they are going to look at the teaching files first on the list. Then I have to prepare another research paper to be submitted and published. I'll try to finish those by today.

Tomorrow, another long day will be. I have to be on duty at the Napei Education Fair in Midvalley Exhibition Centre. If you are there, do stop by at IUKL booth and say hi to me =)

P/s: mother bought another "Pengantin" magazine. Anybody wants to offer their son / brother / cucu lelaki to me? kwang kwang kwangggg

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ilmu Hisab

Or in another word, Mathematics or Maths if you want it to sound posh. Hahaha...

Me and mother take turns teaching Alim maths every night for the past few weeks.

The thing started to happen when one day I told Alim that, if he wanted to study overseas (Korea especially), he needs to study hard. As I recall, "If you want to study in Korea, you must get good result in SPM, then you can apply for scholarship to study there. It all must come from you. Not mom or me. You are the one who's going to answer the exam questions, not us".

So, mother brought him to MPH and bought a lot of exercise books. Alim has been doing extra exercises every night since then.

However, I am so not good in teaching kids (primary and secondary school level). After 2 minutes of teaching, my voice will be on a high note and will scare Alim away. Ends up with me explaining him in Manglish language which later on when I recalled, soooooo funny!

I am good in maths. But I am not good in teaching maths to small kids. Oh no!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Updates on...

Work : Today is the first day of final exam for March 2013 semester here in IUKL. My invigilation timetable is on this Sunday, 8.45am - 10.45am. But no marking work for me for this semester since I have no subject taught this semester.

PhD : Finished 1 paper. Submitted to the supervisor and waiting for his comment. Will go for CE (Comprehensive Exam) next semester. Now preparing for the second paper.

Lana : Getting a bit kurus. Why Lana, why ???

Sofea : Getting chubbier. Why Sofea, why ???

Thursday, May 16, 2013

participating only

In the beginning, I was planning to be one of the presenter for the International Education Technology Conference (IETC) that was held last Monday (13th May 2013).  However, due to late payment requisition to the HR, I was not able to do so. So I went there to accompany Mother and be as participant at the conference.

The conference was organized by Sakarya University, Turkey and was held at the Faculty of Education, University Malaya.

Another conference on EduTech will be held this December. In Cyprus this time. I hope I can submit the proposal on time and go there.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Not-So-Spring Korea Trip : The last of Korea

We woke up really early in the morning. Shower and getting ready. Aiman and Alim brought the luggage and bags downstairs while me and mother cleaning up the apartment for the up-tenth time. So but no sad, that was the feeling that morning.

At 4.30am shart, the taxi driver arrived at the apartment arranging us and the bags in the van was another story. And finally we managed to be on the road to Incheon Airport by 5.15am. The journey was smooth and it took 1 1/2 hours.

This is the taxi driver that took us back to the airport. The same ahjusshi that brought us from the airport to HUFS 8 days before that.
Checking in was smooth even though there was a bit of problem. The lady at the counter found out that mother's working visa expired 2 days before that. Even mother did not realised that. So me and mother went to the immigration office to cancel the visa and handover back the alien card (the card produced to working foreigner in Korea). In the mean time Aiman settled checking in the bags and luggage.

We had to take pictures of the luggage and bags as we were afraid that we might miss any one of them.

Lana was asleep during the whole process since she does not feel very well.

We had no problem at the checking in counter (such as overweight bags and so on) since we brought the luggage weight scale and carefully weigh and add up all bags and luggage the night before, according to our purchased total luggage weight. Actually we had to add more luggage weight since the initial weight was less than the total that we were bringing in. I settled that the night before as well. 

Settle with the whole checking in process, we proceeded straight away to the security check and immigration check. Since I had an experience of how long these processes will take, I was very sure that we had ample time for the whole thing. 

I was right, and we managed to spend some time shopping at the duty free shops. Mum bought her favorite perfume and I bought a skin care product ordered by a friend. Aiman and Miza went for tax refund.Then we straight away went on the train that took us to the departure gate. 

The flight took 5 hours 50 minutes to reach LCCT. Mamat and Maisarah picked us up at the airport. Went back to the house. 

Unpacking was a MESS. But we managed it after 1 week, before the house went upside-down again for major refurbishment. 

Korea was great. Will definitely go there again. To visit Alim when he go there for his study maybe?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Not-So-Spring Korea Trip : HUFS, Lunch at E-Mart & Everland, Yongin

Early in the morning, Mother and me went to the main building of HUFS to settle off Mother's work stuff. Well, it was the last walk around HUFS for mother and maybe for me too since we don't know if we are coming back here to HUFS or even korea again.

We took pictures around the campus. But we can't be bothered to do up the hill and mountain to the other side of the campus. 

Open concert space

Frozen lake

Malaysia's flag

This is the main building

Settled everything, we walked back down to the apartment, picked up the rest and walked down to Mohyeon to catch bus to Gwangju. 

Little town of Mohyeon

Emart in Gwangju
 We had our lunch at E-mart. Again ordering the food by showing the clerk the picture of the food. As usual the dwenjang jiggae ahjumma was really nice to us.

Right below is the dwenjang jiggae.

Then, off we go to Everland... This would be the third time for Alim and Mother, second time for me.

It was getting colder and colder by the end of the day. We took a bus ride down to the bus station, then we took a taxi back to HUFS. All of us was fit into a taxi. I mean, car taxi. How? I can't imagine. But we managed to be back home safely.

Then we finish off packing everything, throwing away things that we don't want to bring back home to Malaysia. And, we added 2 more boxes into our whole luggage and bags. It was like wanting to bring the whole lot of Korea back to Malaysia.