Friday, December 10, 2010


In Kashef's computer shop...

Me : It is so cold now. even you have double heater in here.

Kashef : Yeah. The snow coming down early too this year. Too early.

Me : Usually it is not suppose to be around this time right? I wonder why it is.

Kashef : Because of you, Siti. You came here mann.. LOLSSSS

Me : I guess its a good thing then?

Kashef : Yeah so that we can plan our holidays for this January.

I am wondering, since when does UK people planning to go for their holidays in January eyy?? Because only Malaysian who lives in the UK will plan to go for holidays in January. In fact, they plan to go for holidays all year round. Yepp!


HLiza said...

Tu macam nak meng'ayat' je tu..hehe

aliaaroslan said...

kak liza - oh, tidak. beliau ialah sudah berkahwin dan ada 2 orang anak comel tau!

HLiza said...

Cari lain pulak..yg single..hehe

aliaaroslan said...

kakliza - ha, duk tengah cari ni. ada calon cadangan tak?