Wednesday, December 29, 2010

golden hair

me, botak and DrNotts watched Tangled for the second time and it is the first time for sengih. it still makes us laugh all the way.

suddenly, having a long hair is not bad at all. as long as you know how to take care of it.

well, i decided to cut my long hair just before i came back to notts. i mean, the longest ever in my life. but, not to worry, i did not colour my hair to golden. it is still black.

long time ago, when i was still in my primary school, some friends told me that if you are having a not-black-hair, it means your hair is not healthy. however, as i learn more and more science, i got to know that the colour of your hair is determined from the root of your family.

sometimes i got to think that it is so cool to colour my hair. i mean, to be looking in the mirror in the morning with a different hair colour. every time before i went to the really cheap local saloon in taiping, i will have some idea of what colour that i want to put onto my hair. when i actually at the saloon, i got to think that i need to change my shampoo, and i have to buy an extra conditioner or hair treatment for the sake of making sure the colour stays the same without damaging my hair. to cut the story short and not wanting to do all those hard work, at the end of the saloon session, i came out from the shop without colour in my hair. but, a really refreshing minty feeling hair after half an hour of hair washing + head massage and another half an hour of hair steam. make my day!

it is so hard to find a good hair saloon here and living in nottingham, you can't be picky as there are not that much saloon that offers good treatment for a cheap cost. so, i guess tomorrow i will ask sengih (kerahan tenaga) to give me the head massage. i mean, if she's no busy watching korean variety show over and over again.