Wednesday, July 1, 2009

3 years ago..

we went for a picnic @ port dickson.

then :
midah was still single
kak nora was still doing her masters @ uitm
kak ally was still working
izzat was still doing her degree @ uitm
ayoi was still doing his degree
helmi was still doing his practical @ PPUM
i was still doing my masters @ UPM

midah is happily married and working already
kaknora already works at kelana jaya
kak ally is working at the same place but happier
izzat is in her final sem of degree
ayoi works at IEM
helmi works as phisiotherapist
i am working at KLIUC as lecturer

we were happy then, we are happy now..
i hope we will remember all the good and bad times we've had together for the past 7 years that we've know each other..

even though now we rarely see each other, but i always remember that you guys have been in one the chapter in my life..

from left - midah, kak nora, kak ally, izzat, me, helmi n ayoi

our pbsm "las vegas"


mugiwara said...

bukan iem...
sebenarnya ijm..
tp takde kena mngena ngan institut jurutera mesia mahupun institut jantung mesia...
aku pun tertipu dulu~

mugiwara said...


seronok dapat berkenalan dengan korang!

aliaaroslan said...

mugi - sory beb, salah tempat kerje lah ko.. huhu.. we'll cheerish the friendship till the end..