Friday, April 26, 2013

Not-So-Spring Korea Trip : Shopping with Mother & Alim

I can't remember that day that me, Mother and Alim went out to Seoul was a Saturday or Sunday. But definitely was a weekend. I was so surprised that the underground shopping was empty. Most of the shops are closed except for some shops.

Well, actually we went to buy more of The Face Shop, Skin Food and did a lot of shopping in Namdaemun Market and Myeong-dong. We also went to one of the underground shopping to find old coins that was ordered by Mother's colleague in UPM.

We had chicken kebab for our lunch. There is only 1 halal kebab shop in Namdaemun market the we found.

We walk and walk till we hurt our feet. Then we went home. Miza already cooked when we arrived home. They had a good rest that day and ready for another Korea journey the next day.

An empty Namdaemun underground shopping.

Namdaemun market.

We put into our bagpack things that we bought so that it was easier for us to walk around.

Kebab. We were waiting for the owner to perform his solat.

Hungry fellas.

oooooooooo Choi Min Ho is sooooo cuteeee!!! Anak ikan weiii...

Old coin shop

Shop that is selling old records.

Street food in Myeong-dong.

Alim was choosing his jacket.

Waiting for his strawberry milkshake.

Mother too...

Negotiating process.

Waiting for the bus home.

Not-So-Spring Korea Trip : Namsan Tower, Myeong-dong

On the next day, guess what? They, Aiman, Miza and Lana woke up late AGAIN. So we can't go to Nami Island again. If we want to go to Nami Island, we have to leave the apartment at 6.45am and catch the 7.00am bus to Jamsil. So, change of plan again. We went to Namsan Tower instead.

Lana, being the most excited person among us all, really excited to go on the bus. But after 10 minutes on it, she started to feel cranky. Since that morning we, me, mother and Alim took care of Lana on the bus, we gave her chocolate so that she will sit down and not wanting to walk about in the but along our way to Seoul. And of course she afterwards became active. Sugar rush, people. sugar rush.

bus waiting to Seoul

left, my hiking shoes... right, mother's sketchers/

you see, Lana likes to put on gloves and all but they kept on falling off since she's running here and there

Once arrived in Seoul, we bought some bread and off we walked to the Namsan 1st cable car. There are several ways to go up to the Namsan Tower. We chose the less tired and less hiking one. We need to go on 2 cable cars before doing a bit of stairs climbing and reach the tower. 

Alim eating bread.

Inside the 1st cable car

The sun shines through the sky

View from 2nd cable car ride

Reached the platform and need to do a bit of hiking

Who's capturing who's picture?
This is my 3rd times coming to Namsan Tower. I feel like a tourist guide explaining here and there. Thank god that I've read all explanation board of everything at Namsan Tower when I first came last July 2012 so I did not give any wrong information.

The beacons of fire to send signal to the other district of Korea.

The tourist

The stairs that we have to climb to go to the tower.

What is Lana looking at?

Captured by a cameraman who before that we bought pictures that he took instantly from him.

The famous love lock trees.

Me and Alim was doing some act and Mother was capturing them. 

The we went to the coffee shop that is located underground from the platform of the tower.  It was Lana's turn to do the act.

Mother was giving Lana water and mushroom soup. See how she acts. 

Then we took some more picture of us posing at the platform. We did not went into the tower and to the top of the tower. We just enjoyed the scenery of Seoul from the highest point in Seoul. 

We decided to go down since everyone is hungry already. 

Cranky Lana while waiting for the cable car.

We decided to go to Myeong-dong for some shopping. To go there, we are passing through Hoehyeon Underground Shopping and decided to stop to buy souvenirs. We have our favourite souvenir store. The owner ahjumma is so friendly and she gave us a huge discount on all items and lots of free things. When we mentioned to her that this will be our last trip coming to Korea, she gave us more free stuff. Bless her!!!

Oh by the way,  the ahjumma has a daughter, same age as Alim and he get her daughter's email address =)

We walk about and do some shopping at Myeong-dong. 

we ate Lotteria AGAIN!

shrimp burger, AGAIN

Song Joong Ki AGAIN!!!

Then we walk around Myeong-dong, shopping, walk and walk... 

The case underneath Lana's stroller was falling down. Aiman in attempt to fix it.

the street
When we were waiting for the bus to go back home, we witnessed a picket that was doing on near the Myeong-dong area.  We were not sure what the picket was all about.

a lot of people on the main street

After a while, the picket ended and the road was clear, and busy as usual. As if nothing happened. 

I think KBS news was there to cover the story.
We thought that the bus will be delayed due to the picket. But is was not. Journey home was 1 1/2 hours on the bus. We were knackered. Aiman hurt his back. Hence, we decided to rest Aiman, Miza and Lana for the next day.