Friday, December 3, 2010

drooling ~ ~ ~

atiqah aka momoe is so good at baking and cooking. i ordered several pastries, cupcakes and others that are related to the gaining-weight-purpose food.

and just now, she made ice cream cake. right there and then, i feel like i want to bake something too.

i looked into my so-called recipe book, and got to think of making a bread pudding, as the recipe had been given to me by Hanah ages ago. but i'm missing one of the ingredient, single cream.

the plan for tomorrow is, after we finish with another photography session (if the snow comes down through the night), i'm going to asda to get some single cream and fresh milk. i must bake the bread pudding. DrNotts, are you into bread pudding at all?

by the way, we already finished a tray of two of the kuih bakar. well done sengih for baking it so well!


bujal X said...

nak rasa kuih bakar versi luar negara~

aliaaroslan said...

bujal X - tinggal gambar aje. huhu~

orang said...

taknak pos ke msia ke?
pesan kat sengih *sebab die suke k-pop*, tau buat kimchi tak, aku nak belajar...

aliaaroslan said...

orang - dia tu, goreng telur pon ala2 fail gitu. ni pon buat pasal aku ada kat sebelah. kalo tak, dia belasah telur sepapan.. hihi..