Friday, August 27, 2010

the guys

 this is one of the series of dinner that i had before leaving. we have been postponing and changing the time and date for our dinner and finally, we are at the Samuri Satay Kajang.

why satay? being originally from kajang, even I can't resist the good food of satay kajang. this was originally their idea and i am so fine by it.

 khalid, nazzuan, zhi hau, yee pin, neoh, chong nin, shafiq, me

we've ordered 200 satay, mixed of chicken and beef. they tried very hard to finish all of them and i said, no need to finish them as you guys can tapau it for takeaway. 


of course, taking pictures is a must. they were so happy. they've gone home with full tummy and satay for midnight snack. we've hang out and chat on almost everything. oh by the way, they are single but i am not sure if they are available though. anyone wants their phone numbers?

i was totally shocked when they've given me this present. its the electronic photo frame by ACER. it must have cost them a fortune! really appreciate it guys.

and of course, i miss them too!