Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Not-So-Spring Korea Trip : HUFS & E-Mart in Gwangju

Such a procrastinator, I am. Sorry for the delay peeps. So, lets continue the Korea story (perghhh apesal tak habis-habis nihhh).

So, we arrived at mother's apartment in HUFS (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) in Yongin at around 12 in the afternoon. We took turns showering and getting ready to out for lunch and some shopping in Gwangju. It is about 20 minutes taxi ride from HUFS.

Before some snow and eating pictures, here are some acts from us, from Incheon airport to HUFS.

Lana the drama kiddo

Perempuan gemuk with luggages

from left, tak mandi, mandi dan tak mandi.

the drama kiddo Lana again

looks and yet soooo cold... Of 0-2 degrees.

in the taxi van, going to HUFS

Lana was the most excited person when getting ready for Gwangju.

all pink pink pink

Before that, we had fun taking pictures with snow! Lana was so excited too.  

Lana was trying to get away from grandma

She pushed grandma away

Gangnam style?
We went to Gwangju by 2 taxis. Our taxi (me, Aiman, Miza & Lana) arrived first, then Mother's and Alim's taxi.

First thing first, EAT. We ate our lunch at the food court inside the E-Mart building. E-Mart is actually like Tesco or Giant here in Malaysia.

With past experience of hard time dealing with non-English-speaking people here, we tried a different method of ordering the food this time around. What we did was, we took the pictures of the food that we would like to order from the display area, then brought the camera to the order counter and showed to the clerk. Then we just mentioned the quantities of each order that we would like to make.

And, it worked!!! *smile smile smile*

In addition to the main dish, we ordered Margarita pizza and fishcakes too. They served the pizza with honey and pickle.


The fishcake tasted like fish.. Duhhh.
After stuffing our tummy with too many food, we decided to go to Daiso. Going to a Japanese shop in Korea? Well, we couldn't resist it since the things there can't be found in Daiso in Malaysia and we are not going to Japan anytime soon *wink*.

After spending lots of money there in Daiso, we came back to E-Mart to do some more shopping. Mostly we bought things that we wanted to bring back to Malaysia and so additional fruits and veges to be eaten during our stay in Korea.

Lana is busy trying to figure out the trolley chain lock

opps. Lana got the pororo already.

and new shoes too
After 3 hours and 3 shopping later, we took 2 taxis again to go home to HUFS. Then we cooked dinner and ZZZzzzzZZZZZ to sleep. End of first day.


Dr Singa said...

apesal ko tak mandi jahhh!!

tahan sejuk eh budakkecik tu!!

chanellove said...

ishhhh lambatnya nak tunggu the whole update of the not so sprint vaca tau! cpt la maklonggggg

aliaaroslan said...

@Dr Singa tak sompek nak mandi kat airport tu... balik rumah terus mandi...

kanak tu memang tabah je suka lak tu pegang snow.

aliaaroslan said...

@chanellove kau tengok ler nanti next vacation punya cerita tahun depan baru siap kot