Tuesday, April 9, 2013

goreng pisang sedapnya!

After having goreng pisang, I will definitely have indigestion problem for the next 2-3 days. So imagine if I had goreng pisang for 2-3 days straight, will be having indigestion problem a week! Or more???

The problem is, I love goreng pisang so much! Nothing can make me stay away from having them. I mean, NOTHING.

There's one time that I had super-oily goreng pisang. I still ate them even though I know that I something will happen right after that. That "something" turns out to be throwing up the whole 5 satay kambing and 3 satay ayam I had beforehand. That bad huh?

Well, I still like them anyway.


Dr Singa said...

ada pernah try cicah dengan kicap cili stail johor..?

aliaaroslan said...

@Dr Singa itu konsepnya sekali coba pasti nak lagi :)