Monday, April 15, 2013

Just to let you know...

I am no longer on facebook and twitter. But still uploading pictures on Instagram (even though it seems like I have not uploaded anything for a while now) and on this Blogspot.

No reason. Just feel like it.

One of my girlfriend said : Ok Aliaa, aku follow kau dekat SMS ni jelah. WhatsApp ke Viber ke apebende alah semua tu aku tak pakai. Bagi aku tradisional way macam ni aku lagi suka.

Yes, Midah. I have to agree on that. 

I can't be off from Blogspot since I like to share my thoughts in it. Instagram? Well, even though I am not a good photographer, lets just say, some things are better to be left unsaid.


Dr Singa said...

ai folo yu kat instagram keh..

aliaaroslan said...

@Dr Singa okehhh.. saya follor Dr di instagram dan beloggg