Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Must able to see food

We are on our way to finish up our puasa enam for this Syawal. This year, like last year, Alim is joining me and mother to achieve that goal. 

Our usual routine when breaking fast, including during Ramadhan, would be azan - drinks and kurma and if any, kuih muih - solat maghrib - heavy food like nasi and lauk, etc. 

So today, right after Alim performed solat maghrib...

Alim : mum, have you seen my glasses?

Mother : why? You cannot see your food?

Me : maaaaaaa?!?!?!

Ok. That's the joke of the day, and the century maybe.

Well, as for me the one who wears glasses since I was in standard six, i always need my glasses and contact lenses. My far sighted is not as high as my estic problem. So without glasses, usually I see everything as double or splash all over.

Yes Alim. Take care of your glasses if you want to look at what you are eating. 


wakgelas said...

lasik jer mata tuuu mcm mata wak yee., ehhHee

psst. thanx for the kadraya dh smpi ;)

aliaaroslan said...

@Wak Gelas

lasik untuk estic ada ke wak?

ur welcome for the kad raya. kad murah je. hehe