Friday, June 14, 2013

Bandung Craziness : 2nd Day

The itenary was:
  1. Tangkuban Parahu
  2. Strawberry Farm
  3. Toko Tiga - jeans galour
  4. Terminal Tas - handbag galour
 So, here are the picturess :

on the way naik ke tangkuban, ada banyak kedai jual nenas macam ni. rasa gerammmm je nak beli tapi nanti tak habis makan pulak...

teket masuk, sorang = Rp50.000,00

first shot

dasar pelancong...

one of the view tower

shops along the tangkuban

masa ni mother dalam kereta, duduk dengan Sofea.

the air was really bad that i had to wear mask. but of course for picture's sake, i slide them off. hehe

see the gas?



windy as well.

with Pak Eko the supir


the height, above mean sea level...

then we kidnapped mother for photos some more!!!

mother was the only one among us that manages to get her picture taken without any other people around. so lucky!

some explaination from the guide

crocs is soooo comfy!

heading to strawberry farm. as if there's non in cameron highland!

what kind of strawberry plucking method is that???

perut berlapis!

alim went on flying fox

and ATV

oppsss accident

widad as well

mamat too

widad went on this thingy

and alim

horse riding

We had lunch at a nice restaurant serving sunda food, which is another famous kind of food from Bandung.

we had to bersila on the floor

patin bakor

ayam goreng daun pandan

"flying fish" katanya...

babat (perut) goreng

sup buntut sapi katanya

the restaurant was cozy and the food was nice. we performed our jamak qasar zuhur + asar here too.

then we went to the famous toko tiga for jeans!!! before that we stopped at an outlet shop when we headed down from tangkuban.

to avoid allergic reaction, resdung, asthma and so on, i wore mask as well here.

last place before heading back to the hotel, handbags haven.
on that day, we went back to the hotel at 8.00pm. knackered but satisfied!!!