Monday, June 24, 2013

PGL at IUKL Dinner 2013

On the day that we arrived from Bandung, I had to rush to attend office's dinner. The whole  lot of office mate was there, from the top management to our academic assistants.

Each faculty are required to prepare a persembahan. If there's no respresentative, then the HOD and Dean needs to do the show. Luckily, form our faculty, there's choreographer and dancers. So we prepared a dance from Asmaradana by Tiara Jaquelina.

Suddenly there were 6 Puteri Gunung Ledang (PGL) that night!


Ms Haslina said...

hi 'puteri'

amazing performance tau..
rasa macam tengok PGL.

SueGinola said...

Cutenya Puteri Gunung Ledang yang ini....^_^

aliaaroslan said...

@Ms Haslina jangan puji lelebih. nanti kembang. hehehe

aliaaroslan said...

@SueGinola aahhahaaaa *malu*