Saturday, July 23, 2011

when i'm feeling....

super hungry, i will imagine that i want to cook and eat the food that i'm craving the most.

last week, while groceries shopping with DrNotts, Manje & Latifah, I was thinking of the delicious "kambing bakar". so, we bought 3 big pieces of lamb and viola!!!

don't worry, we used olive oil still!
DrNotts was craving for "patin masak asam pedas" and she cooked it! yup, DrNotts still cooks in Malaysia! muahahaha...

of course, my grandma's famous acar timun must not be forgotten, people!

we are starting to jot down the menu for our iftar. we planned to cook everyday. yes, everyday. because it reminds us of fasting overseas and actually, the food sell at the bazar ramadhan are expensive and does not taste that good, up to our satisfaction anyway.


Ms Haslina said...

mmg kena masak.
akak ni mmg klu ramadhan mesti kena cirit klu makan beli.

tp tahun ni ramadhan kena tgh berpantang.

aliaaroslan said...


takut kalau memikirkan makanan diorang kurang bersih.. huhu