Saturday, July 23, 2011

the day has come...

we've been preparing for day since last year. but the date kept on been postponed due to a lot of reason. 

we've merge several occasion into one day :

SABE (school of architecture and built environment) day - public lectures, architecture workshops;

soft launch of the new block;

get together lunch;

accreditation visit by lembaga arkitek malaysia;

barbecue dinner.

they all went well. we feel so relieved!!!

some photos of the events :

architecture workshop at the foyer

the stage - designed and made by the students from scratch (by using recycled materials)

bridge competition

dining area

woops! at the management office before the soft launch
relaxing and preparing for the soft launch (kak faiza  hanah)

my guys of geomaticians!

preparing for the soft launch

they were sooooo excited because of the food! hey!

our gadgets (we call them equipments, actually)

morning tea

being the MC of the day

building's soft launch by our MD



the food lady indeed!!! just tell her what kind of food that you want, she will get it for you. you are the best, kak mala!

visitors from lembaga arkitek malaysia

finally i've got my invitation to the dean's list and president's list award. thanks zul.
at night we've got the fashion show from the student's workshop (designing clothes from recycled materials) and barbecue of course! 



night time at our building

aqeesh lost 2 tooth (hanah's first daughter)

mimi with her round eyes!!! (hanah's second daughter)

oh yes, they can't wait to eat their barbecue dinner.

let's eat!!!

judges of the fashion show

naufal with my key-band. so funny + cute (kak faiza's son)

the idris's

the singing mummy

our abah (haji razak) performes a karaoke song

my overall comment : best and the BOMB!!!


Ms Haslina said...

tengok kat sini pun mmg BOMBASTIC.

miss u all.

ANR said...

ekhemmm.. student anda adalah can do..hak hak hak

aliaaroslan said...


kitorang pon miss nak breakfast sesama ngan akak! muahh..

aliaaroslan said...

@Anggerik Berduri

anda nak yang mana?

Shiema said...

uh....teodelite, windunyer. Sahih jemari ini keras bile pegang menatang nih sekarang.

aliaaroslan said...


sebab jari jemari terel tekal keyboard buat website segala :))