Friday, January 24, 2014

Finding new hobby

I've started to swim again. Well, that's not a hobby. But it is more towards being healthy. I cannot stand myself saying to myself that "aduh, sakit-sakit badan dah ni" because of lack of exercising. No excuse there, missy! So, I make myself swim at least once a week. More is better right? For this week, I've only gone to swim once. I'll go tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Ok, focus on the topic please...

Since moving out and trying (and still surviving until this moment, Alhamdulillah) to live on my own (berdikari, bak kat orang putih celup), I've been looking for new hobby. Or in another word, to change my daily routine.

Before this...

Wake up ---> Shower


Wake up ---> Feed the fishes ---> Shower

Yes, you heard me right. I have fishes.

My girlfriend, Ili gave me several (I didn't count actually) Guppies. Both male and females ones alongside a fishbowl as a "masuk rumah baru" present. I too bought some more Guppies and 2 fighting fishes (ikan laga). Since it is so hard to take care of this kind of small fishes, i think 8 died. But I still have some more who are surviving living with me. Ha ha ha, yes laugh at me all you want but I'll try my best.

Then... I have trees.

Actually, I got 2 pokok nyamuk from mother, and 6 cactus. We bought this in Cameron Highland at the end of last year (you can say earlier this year / month if you want. LOL).

The 2 pokok nyamuk are ok and surviving alhamdulillah. They've grown some more. I think I need to transfer them into a bigger pot now. But I'll ask my office mate first on how-to-do it, since she's a landscape architect lecturer and all. The cactus? 4 are still ok. The other 2, I can't save them anymore.

And today, I bought another 2 small pokok from Ikea which I didn't know the name of. But the how-to take care of these small pokok is quite easy, I'll give it a try.

I post some pictures on my new hobby in the next next next post OK.

Oh by the way, I got 2 ikan bandaraya as well in my fish bowl. They are surviving too.

OK, OK, I'll go to sleep now.

Just finished my kerja sekolah =) (Mother would be so proud)

Oh and... (I promise this is the last AND for this post)

My research paper got published in an international journal. Yey me!!! (Mother is sooo proud of me - The rest of the sibling, you all were adopted... the grandkids too LOL LOL LOL - Big joke, duhhh)


Huda Ramlee said...

aku dah setahun pindah rumah sendiri berangan nak tanam pokok kat balkoni. Tapi berangan jela kan..haha

@ju said...

tahniah, tahniah dan tahniah...:)

SueGinola said...

Aliaa..selamat pindah ke rumah baru!

aliaaroslan said...

@Huda Ramlee takpe berangan. at least ada cita-cita.

aliaaroslan said...

@@ju thanks kak ju.

aliaaroslan said...

@SueGinola itu yang busy dua tiga menjak ni.