Monday, October 7, 2013

On one fine night

I was having a chit chat with mother, right after she came back from work.

Well, there's once in a week that I will be home earlier that her. (elleh, macam kau kerja teruk sangat Aliaa!!)

Me : Ma, my head feels really heavy. It has been like this every night for the past 2 weeks. 

Mother : Are you drinking too much coffee?

Me : I tried to skip coffee for 2 days but this thingy in the head doesn't feel any lighter. If I massage my head, then I will be sendawaring as if there's a huge amount of wind in the head. And this sendawaring business can go on for hours till I fall asleep. Well, as long as I keep on massaging my head, that is. 

Mother : If that makes the headache better, then keep on doing what you're doing.

Me : But I don't know what cause this thingyyyyyyyy (mengada!!!)

Mother : What have you been doing in the office ? 

Me : The usual. Meetings. Marking up student's assignments, tests, quizzes, meetings again. Invigilating the final exams. Meetings.


Me : But I haven't been to the site recently. So no direct sun on the head.(I was thinking the heat from the sun was the culprit).

Mother : You were fine before, even though you went to the site for 20 days straight.

Me : AHAAAAAAA that must be it. I have to go under the heaty sun and get sweating, then this heavy-headed thingy will go away.

Kah kah kah......

There's a say;

Once a surveyor, always a surveyor.

Its the second existing job in the world.

Anybody would like to guess what's the first one?