Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Not-So-Spring Korea Trip : Drizzling day at Myeongdong

Our plan for the day was to go and buy bed luggage bag since the things to be brought back couldn't fit into our existing luggage and bags.  So, off we went to Namdaemun and Myeongdong. We opt to go there since the bus from HUFS stops at Namdaemun market. No need to go up further to Seoul station then walk back the Namdaemun.

What was Lana trying to do?

Namdaemun market

The lady is packing dried persimmons, which only available during winter and spring season.

We bought Lana's Pororo umbrella for KRW10,000. Other places sold it for KRW5,000 or less. huhuhu

Then we walked to Myeongdong. We need to find and buy Aiman's shoes since the smell of his shoes was really bad.. Literally bad, that we had to keep his shoes outside the apartment so avoid the smell from spreading around the apartment. 

Well, the initial plan was only Aiman's shoes. But of course we bought more than a pair of shoes. Hehehe...

That's the new luggage. Purple, I know, right.

Then we went home quite early compared to the other days that we went out because it was drizzling and also to avoid buying more things since we can't fit anything more into our old and new luggage. 

We took bus home to HUFS from Myeongdong.

Kim Yu Na (Korea's figure skater) & Lee Seung Gi (actor and singer)

The building behind is Young LOTTE.

In the bus

We do a whole lot of packing that night. We were relief that everything fits into the luggage and bags. But, we still have another day in Korea. And guess what???