Monday, March 25, 2013

oh my English!!!

like seriously yes yes yes. my english has gotten worst day by day.

this is due to:
  1. most likely to use malay instead of english in my daily conversation. hellooooo i do live in malaysia.
  2. i need to use mix english - broken english + proper grammar english - while teaching. when you are teaching foreign student, especially when their first language is not english or malay, it is easier for them to understand broken english rather than proper english.
  3. lately (more likely for the past year) i've been stuck on watching koreas dramas and movies so much, that i can speak korean better now. hence, going bad on the english speaking side. so not good you know! yeah, blame the lovey-dovey super romantic korean dramas and movies. 
so now, i am practicing back my english day by day by:
  1. listening to english radio station whilst driving
  2. putting on english songs only in my media player for the office's PC
  3. watching both american and british dramas and movies (korean and hindustan are allowed from time to time. hehehe)
can i do that? yes i can!!!

- at Namsan Seoul Tower. my most recent trip to korea -


SueGinola said...

Aliaa, Selamat ber"english"..!
Please nanti bagi tips tau..tq...^_^

Shiema said...

Chaiyok silap, mandarin pulak. Good luck