Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ikea food for two.

Last Sunday, I had a date. No no no. Don't speculate or think something else. I went on a date with mother.
We've made promise since the Friday before, to go to Ikea and eat. Usually we go to Ikea as early as 9am. Buy since I woke up late, we ended up arriving at Ikea at 12pm. Straight away we went to the restaurant after carpark hunting for 20minutes.
After eating, we went into Ikea. Mother needs to buy another carpet for her office. Then, of course we bought 3 dozens of Ikea curry puffs, and went home.
Perut kenyang sampai malan. Mana taknya, tengoklah kami makan ape...


attyfir said...

terliur nengok ni
ate dah lama tak g ikea.

aliaaroslan said...

@attyfir kami suka pergi ikea. food dia so far memang favourite.