Friday, July 23, 2010

mobile phone

i have a style of buying a mobile phone.
  1. always buy a more advanced mobile phone than your previous mobile phone.
  2. never buy a second hand mobile phone from the phone kiosk
  3. buy a new mobile phone from its boutique (always, always and always)
  4. if you still want to buy a second hand mobile phone, buy from the person who you know how they have been using it
  5. always do a market survey on the price of the mobile phone
  6. do not get easily influenced by the mobile phones / electronic gadgets that is used in the drama (especially korean drama - widad, please take note!)
  7. never trade in your old mobile phone. keep it at home and do not forget to take off the battery so that battery water will not ruin you mobile phone (that's how they do it in the mobile phone shop).

i gave a mobile phone to mamat for helping me with the car stuff. i think he's happy because he is really busy bragging widad about it in their fb-chat box.

now, i'm thinking of lending widad the corby-korea (from korean drama, you're beautiful) phone. well, she's been nagging from me non-stop since the day i bought the phone.

i was wondering, what kind of my mobile phone would eman, miza, semai and alim would have ask from me if they found out that i am thinking of buying a blackberry? sony ericsson K660i? nokia 6288? or the one that i am currently use, nokia E71?