Saturday, July 24, 2010


unfortunately, i am gonna miss eating at mamak's restaurant here. why oh why aliaa? well, i guess, other than Mc Donald's, this is one of the place that is opened 24/7. the food is not "that" good compare to other restaurants or food stalls. but they have roti bakar at 3am in the morning and nasi lemak for the whole day long.

some people got their own opinion regarding the food preparation at mamak's. some of them complaint about the cleanliness of the restaurant when they saw a "B" sign for the health and clean food certificate hanging on the wall. for me that is good enough, rather than seeing a mouse as big as your feet running around in the restaurant, which has been graded an "A".

other people will look at the condition of the "anney" who is preparing the roti canai or roti naan. they will say something about their hairy arms and the sweat falling down from their forehead. but hey, its not their fault that they were from that line of descendant right? they are too trying very hard to make a living, and not to forget, they are working to feed their wives and children at home and putting a roof on top of their head. give them a credit for trying so hard ok?

this morning i had a nasi lemak and nescafe tarik for breakfast at the maulana roundabout. as usual, i can manage to finish half of it, including my favorite drink. i am trying to watch my weight. helpppppp!!!!


food handling certificate said...

Well if they have hygiene practices to ensure the food premises and equipment are clean and
well maintained then I guess that is good enough.

julie^beth said...

yep. thats good enough for me. i've been eating worst "food" when i went for camping trips..