Wednesday, July 31, 2013

test week

i've decided that i'm having test for all subject that i'm teaching this semester on this week. hence, no class preparation but test question preparation instead. although most of lecturers will recycle their questions including me, but i like to make every semester different in my kind of way.

for example,for 1-2 subjects, i usually allow open book test for test 2, but instead, i'm allowing open book test for test 1 (this time is test 1 by the way). the reason being is that this semester's student they feel like they don't have time to study since they are in their final year and they have many assignments and projects to handle. so, yes i allow them to have an open book test 1. but you should look at their faces when they were answering the questions while flipping through the notes and books that they brought. after 20 minutes, one of them raised up his hand and said "Miss, for the other subject, can we pleaseeeee not have an open book test". then i asked "why?". he answers "i can't find the answer anywhere, miss".

ok, now only they understand what test really means.

and i am teaching a first year student on another subject. they are either first or second semester students. but since they are bachelor degree students, i can't be giving a straight-to-the-point kind of questions right? besides we are practicing the OBE (outcome based education) thingy now.

you see, it's hard to make the student understand what you are teaching and why you are teaching the way you are. different lecturer got different kind of style. it doesn't matter how, but in the end, you have to make sure your students understands and can apply them later on.