Saturday, June 13, 2009

congrats atiq n cidud

both of them are my frens from secondary school at maahad hamidiah kajang.. well, one after the other, all of my frens are married, getting married, engaged, getting engaged, and all that sort of things.

i wish all of them, happy for eternity and i'll pray to Allah that all of u guys will be having good children and "bercinta sampai syurga"..

p/s: pray for me too yar... i also want to "bercinta sampai syurga" wif my future husband..
p/p/s: atiq, knape engko kurus giller.. aku ialah jeles!!!


Izzah Marzuki said...


i always pray for u too~


Izzah Marzuki said...

eh aliaa sorry wrong spelling!! too lazy to retype it..( 1 of my fwen named aliyya.. hihi)

julie^beth said...

kak izz - thanx a lot for the doa.. i hope i will meet him soom.. hehe (gatai kan nak kawen konon).. nvm of the wrong spelling.. hehe

drnormaliza said...


julie^beth said...

drnormaliza aka mama - oh yeah..

Zumairi said...

ok gak ayat tu 'bercnta sampai syurga'

julie^beth said...

zumairi - bercinta sampai syurga : selama2nya.. (giler jiwang!!)