Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the plants

they area growing stronger and greener everyday..

really lovely!!

it reminds me of the moments in UK..

when I can buy a dozen of tulips and a dozen roses for 2 pounds only..

really lovely!!

yesterday, watched "grey's anatomy - season 1".. there was an episode with a man talking in british accent.. oh, how i miss hearing the sounds everyday..

really lovely!!

now, i want to listen to westlife all day long.. because it reminds me one of the best chapter in my life, that is living in the UK..

who knows, one day i'll be going there again?


mugiwara said...

ye...aku doakan kau dapat balik ke uk...

sesuai tak ni?

lalink7 said...

nak itutt...
i followwwwwwwww...

julie^beth said...

mugi - bukan ke kita nak "threesome" dengan izzat ke UK? hehe

lalink - jom.. pastu kte round europe skali.. US sy tanak pegi.. sila kumpul duit dari skrang..

mugiwara said...


mari doa bersama sama agar dapat 'balik' ke uk!



julie^beth said...

mugi - mari! mari suruh izzat doa sekali..