Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not-So-Spring Korea Trip : Nami Island (Again!) and Hongdae

Since the attempt to go to Nami Island failed several times, me and mother warned and reminded Aiman and Miza to be ready early for the next day's trip to Nami Island.

The chronology was;

6.45am - Out of the apartment
7.00am - Bus ride to Jamsil
8.30am - Arrived at Jamsil. Toilet stop and bought breakfast.
9.20am - Bus ride to Gapyeong
10.30am - Arrived at Gapyeong. Took taxi to Namiseom. Ferry ride to Nami Island.

Enjoy the pictures!!!
Had Kimbab (Sushi) as breakfast, that we bought at Jamsil underground shop.

Bus to Gapyeong

High rise building around Jamsil

Namiseom. Before the ferry ride to Nami Island

Traditional heating system.

Q-up before getting on the ferry.

5 minutes ferry ride to Nami Island

Nami Nami Nami!!!

Winter sonata First Kiss's drama location

Still frozen ice

Enterframed ahjusshi.

Lana and Alim

Background of the famous lined up pine trees

Mother had a chitchat with an Indonesian lady tourist.

Me and Alim were taking turns taking pictures of each other.

Winter sonata mode.

Then we ate at the Pizza restaurant. Other than pizza, they also serves other Italian food.

Then we headed back to the mainland, Namiseom. Before that, another round of pictures.

Since the day was still early, about 2.00pm if I'm not mistaken, so we decided to take trains to Hongik University area, or the local calls it as Hongdae. We need to take and exchange of 4 trains before reaching the Hongdae station.

Gapyeong train station

Miza, Lana and Aiman's first experience of underground train ride in Korea.

One of the train station

We went to Hongdae to find the Hello Kitty cafe that Miza wants to go and another round of street shopping! Me and mother have been to the Hello Kitty cafe before and I was 'ingat-ingat lupa' of the cafe's whereabout. But we managed to find it.

Who says there's not rubbish in Korea???

Then we walked around Hongdae...

Can you compare the scale between the dog and it's owner???


We took a train from Hongdae station to Seoul Station. Then a bus ride from Seoul Station back to HUFS.

Yup yup. THE Park Tae Hwan.

Waiting for the bus.
Super tired of the whole day! But we still managed to cook dinner and eat. Hehehe.