Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Not-So-Spring Korea Trip : HUFS, Lunch at E-Mart & Everland, Yongin

Early in the morning, Mother and me went to the main building of HUFS to settle off Mother's work stuff. Well, it was the last walk around HUFS for mother and maybe for me too since we don't know if we are coming back here to HUFS or even korea again.

We took pictures around the campus. But we can't be bothered to do up the hill and mountain to the other side of the campus. 

Open concert space

Frozen lake

Malaysia's flag

This is the main building

Settled everything, we walked back down to the apartment, picked up the rest and walked down to Mohyeon to catch bus to Gwangju. 

Little town of Mohyeon

Emart in Gwangju
 We had our lunch at E-mart. Again ordering the food by showing the clerk the picture of the food. As usual the dwenjang jiggae ahjumma was really nice to us.

Right below is the dwenjang jiggae.

Then, off we go to Everland... This would be the third time for Alim and Mother, second time for me.

It was getting colder and colder by the end of the day. We took a bus ride down to the bus station, then we took a taxi back to HUFS. All of us was fit into a taxi. I mean, car taxi. How? I can't imagine. But we managed to be back home safely.

Then we finish off packing everything, throwing away things that we don't want to bring back home to Malaysia. And, we added 2 more boxes into our whole luggage and bags. It was like wanting to bring the whole lot of Korea back to Malaysia.


SueGinola said...

Aduh, Aliaa pergi Korea dah macam balik kampung je tu kan..huhuhuu...
Tah bilalah saya pulak nak merasa pergi oversea tu kan..haruslah takde kot..hahaha!

aliaaroslan said...

@SueGinola Sue, next time saya nak join awak dan kawan2 roadtrip lah. rasa best je baca you all jalan2. boleh ke? hehehe