Friday, April 26, 2013

Not-So-Spring Korea Trip : Shopping with Mother & Alim

I can't remember that day that me, Mother and Alim went out to Seoul was a Saturday or Sunday. But definitely was a weekend. I was so surprised that the underground shopping was empty. Most of the shops are closed except for some shops.

Well, actually we went to buy more of The Face Shop, Skin Food and did a lot of shopping in Namdaemun Market and Myeong-dong. We also went to one of the underground shopping to find old coins that was ordered by Mother's colleague in UPM.

We had chicken kebab for our lunch. There is only 1 halal kebab shop in Namdaemun market the we found.

We walk and walk till we hurt our feet. Then we went home. Miza already cooked when we arrived home. They had a good rest that day and ready for another Korea journey the next day.

An empty Namdaemun underground shopping.

Namdaemun market.

We put into our bagpack things that we bought so that it was easier for us to walk around.

Kebab. We were waiting for the owner to perform his solat.

Hungry fellas.

oooooooooo Choi Min Ho is sooooo cuteeee!!! Anak ikan weiii...

Old coin shop

Shop that is selling old records.

Street food in Myeong-dong.

Alim was choosing his jacket.

Waiting for his strawberry milkshake.

Mother too...

Negotiating process.

Waiting for the bus home.


NEKCIK said...

Puas jenjalankan...nekcik klsu jalan suka mcm ni..naik bas ngan mrt tu...kami dok kat hyehwa..bli lobster kat pasar besar sana tu..lupa dah namanya

aliaaroslan said...

@NEKCIK saya tak sempat try seafood best2 kat Korea. asyik shopping je kerjenye. hehehe. next time kalau ada rezeki utk pergi lagi, insyaAllah akan try :)