Wednesday, March 27, 2013


an empty street.. an empty house.. a hole inside my heart.. i'm all alone, the rooms are getting smaller.. 

yep yep yep. it is lyrics of My Love from my all time boyband favourite, Westlife.

but no no no. i am not alone. i'm still living in my mama's house. so there's so many people in the house. at times i mean. i am not alone in the office too, since there is my clerk, my boss, my fellow head of departments, my colleagues of lecturers, technicians and all. well, it feels soooo quiet since it is now a semester break.

the new semester will begin next monday. but the new students started their registration this morning. usually the registration process will be going on until the end of this week. after that will be the registration for the second intake, and so on.

sooooooooooooo. there's a long "so"... tomorrow there will be a briefing for the new students, introducing their faculty and to register their subjects online. i'm preparing my speech as all head of department needs to give a short speech during this briefing. is it call a speech if it takes 3 minutes maximum per person? let's call it a speech since talk is more likely to be 2 way communication right?

what am i rambling about eyyy???

well, i still did not blog about my latest trip to korea and my recent outstation for survey camp in pengkalan balak. i owe you a lot of stories... my oh my...

mama is rearranging / throw out / give away / buy new furniture in the house. so it is dusty all the time. but mama already bought a brand new air purifier for my room with a mint + calm smell, to clean the air. so that i would not get a bad asthma attack or having my allergic reaction - sneezing every 10 seconds and running nose. mind you i do have a very sensitive breathing + airway system.

you see, i'm rambling again.

enough said.

aliaa, lets focus on updating your blog with the korea and survey camp story after this.