Monday, March 25, 2013

of mac book pro and iphone5

she worked extremely hard for the past year. she has been pampering all her children, menantus and grandkids.  and she deserves to reward herself.

me and Mamat dragged her to Switch boutique in the mines. asked her what she wants for herself and finally, she bought herself a macbook pro and an iphone5. 

all the hard work, frozen shoulders. eating less (more to no mood to eat), climbing the hills and mountains in korea, etcetera (endless list) comes to this.

am taking her to thai massages for relaxing afterwards.

p/s: yes, she has lost a lot of weight.


SueGinola said...

Kirim salam kat Dr. Notts&selamat kembali ke Malaysia...!
Pesan jugak jangan tak rajin tulis blog okeh...^_^

aliaaroslan said...

@SueGinola mama saya cakap dah tak tau nak tulis ape dalam blog.