Tuesday, March 26, 2013


yesterday evening, i got a WhatsApp message from a friend (from primary school), saying that one of our friend's husband passed away on sunday night. so we decided to go and pay a visit to our friend's house last night after maghrib.

the last time we met fathiyyah (the friend who husband passed away) was on her wedding day, 5 years ago. since then we only contacted through facebook. she missed several reunions due to family and personal matters. and we never thought that this is the way it would be. Allah knows best. 

i've made calls to all friends from primary school informing them of the news.

right after maghrib, i went out from mum's house and heading to bandar baru bangi to pick up a girlfriend, then going to sungai ramai dalam to meet up with other friends. then we went to fathiyyah's mother's house in sungai ramal dalam.

after giving salam and introducing ourselves to fathiyyah's family, we went into the house to wait for fathiyyah since she just went back to her own house to pick up some stuff before coming back to her mother's house. afterwaiting for 1 hour, and fathiyyah is still not back at her mother's house, we feel that we have to retire ourselves since it is not nice to stay too long and makes their family feels bad for us waiting for fathiyyah for so long.

we've passed our salam to fathiyyah's family members to be given to her and off go to a restaurant since one of our friend wants to have a chit chat before we go home.

during our time at the restaurant, we shared the cause of death, of fathiyyah's husband. at first he was having shortness of breath and pain in the left chest. he went to Hospital Pakar An-Nur (Bandar Baru Bangi) and he was straight away referred to Hospital Serdang. Upon admitted to Hospital Serdang, he had been treated at the CCU (Cardiac Care Unit) for heart problem. His heart stopped and was being shocked to restart again. we didn't know the duration when this things happened. at the final stage, then only they (Hospital Serdang) did an x-ray onto his chest, and found out that his lungs filled with water, hence bacterial infection was diagnosed based on it. but at that time, the infection was at the secondary stage and the doctors advised to call all the family members. nothing can be done in that stage anymore. right after talkin and yaasin was read, he passed away peacefully.

tazkiah to our dear friend, Fathiyyah. this is the best plan that Allah has arranged for you.

Al-Fatihah : Khairy.