Friday, April 26, 2013

Not-So-Spring Korea Trip : Jamsil & Lotte World

 The night before, upon coming back from Gwangju, I've told Aiman and Miza to wake up early in the morning if we want to go to Nami Island. Howeverrrrrrrrrr they didn't. So we have to change the plan for the day. We decided to go to Lotte World, in Jamsil.

There in Jamsil, there's loads of underground shops for shopping. So we decided to do 2 in 1 activities, shopping at the Jamsil Underground and Lotte World.

Journey from HUFS to Jamsil took 1 hour and a bit by bus. From the apartment to the bus stop, we took some picture. Taking opportunities of the snow while they're still there.

another forced action from Lana

For some people, they cannot stand a long journey on the bus. Miza was having a headache. Once arrived at the Jasmil Underground station, we decided to buy coffee and hot chocolate for everyone. 

While walking around the underground shopping place, we've found that The Face Shop is having a sale. Yeay!!! So we stopped for shopping. Happy us *grinning ear to ear*

Since we were spending a lot there, as usual the sales assistant gave us loads of free gifts. Yeay again!!!

Then we proceeded to Lotte World.  Actually Lotte World is a theme park. Like Genting Highland here in Malaysia. It has both indoor and outdoor park.

Did I mention before that Lotte is one of the famous brand in Korea, rival to Samsung as well?

Lotte has its own department store, mart, etc etc that I've forgotten the rest.

on the way from Jamsil underground station to Lotte World
But before going into the Lotte World, we had our lunch at Lotteria. Like Mc Donalds here in Malaysia or Burger King or KFC or or or...

what? Song Joong Ki? huh?

even the toilet looks cute

After we bought the tickets, we straight go into the Lotte World. Oh my God... Packed with people. Children especially. We didn't know that during that week that we were staying there, was a school break for some of the schools there in Korea. And since it is winter - spring, they got no where to go except Lotte World, Everland and all this kind of theme parks there are in Korea. 

mother is waiting for us to go on a ride, underneath the heater

We only managed to go on 1 ride. The rest of the day we spent lining up, giving up lining up, walk from 1 ride to another hoping the waiting time for the ride to be 30minutes or less. But all the waiting is 1 hour or more for all rides. 

The children just left their jackets there while going on the rides

After taking loads of picture, we decided to go out from the Lotte World. We stopped to buy things on our way back to the bus stop. 

this shiny looking building is the landmark of Lotte

We got home, tired but happy because we got loads of The Face Shop !!!