Monday, April 2, 2012

Picturesss Day 10 - 19 - Site Surveying at PD

can i combine all pictures from the rest of the survey camp? hehehe...

sorry, more leisure pictures than work pictures

detailing work

i think this leaf-less bougainvillea is interesting

they said "lelaki tiga, perempuan dua. dating ekkkk", referring to me, hanah, faaiz, hanif and taufiq. lols!

me and taufiq saw this mango tree (small ones, what do we call them?). we asked to buy them from the owner but the owner said just take them since they are not selling them. alhamdulillah! faaiz climbed the tree and plucks a lot!

taufiq made the marvelous cili kicap

sooo pedassss

eating ice cream, coming back from the beach

went to corus paradise hotel

corus.. why did i shut my eyes?

on our way up to the bowling place

sorry for the uneven thigh

faaiz, sad but true. the lanes were too slippery that you fall down on your first throw!

archery @ corus

my score of the best 5

please, faaiz. stop showing off!

enjoying cendol and pasembor right after tiring archery

project presentation

they just came back from the beach. got cheated by the banana boat's minder. demyu mannn!

hanah is bullying taufiq. or the other way round?

who are you bbm-ing? hehehe

waiting for the bbq


the so-called bbq beuro

last day.. with all the girls

getting out all the equipments

all the second batch clan.
alhamdulillah, all over after a long and hard work 19 days of survey camp.

well done guys and gals!