Monday, April 2, 2012

More pictures - Site Surveying at PD

 pictures from hanah's camera...

birthday girl, Athirah. how do you feel when you celebrated your birthday unexpectedly?

revision session

this is what we called "buayan puaka". pantang duduk or baring, confirm tertidur... excuse the perut berlipat and peha besar

ashraf, the running man...
we planned on climbing up the cape rechado aka rumah api tanjung tuan. then we met 2 uncles (with their children) and unexpectedly they invited us to join them for a short trekking around cape rechado. 

it turns out that the uncles work at corus paradise hotel. one, we called as captain, turns out to be the sports and recreation manager at the hotel and the other one, we called combi, is captain's assistant. they were the one that invited us for a free archery lesson and play at the hotel.

we climbed the cape rechado (rumah api tanjung tuan) by road (400m), and coming back down by jungle trekking (2.4km). sakit badan lepas tu!

catch my breath

we're there!

at the "tapak kaki hang tuan" place.

one of the best view and part of the trekking

making video clips?

the energetic children

uncle combi

far right : captain

breathless budi

competitive taufiq

the surveyor's style

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Shiema said...

perghhhh....masyuk sambil survey bley plak tido kat buaian puaka

aliaaroslan said...

@Shiema memang best. siap ada pulak student yang ambil gambar masa tertidur. hahaha