Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday-23rd November 2007-2345hrs

in 15 mins will be saturday.. we (mum, maisa, alim and me) are planning on going to kluang, johore tomorrow for untie azwan n dr faiz's wedding.. thats gonna be a long jou rney but luckily we are going together wif dr arbaie n family.. so we dont hav to worry about lost in the way or not being able to find the way there.. well, if it was me alone going, i am defenitely gonna lost.. huhu..

this morning, we went to the mines (for the millionth time!!).. the main purpose is to buy mum's and maisa's laptop. but we ended up wif me buying a laptop and maisa as well and other added accessorizes like printer all-in-one for mum, thumb drive (4G) for me n mum, wireless router for home, cooling pad for laptops, laptop cover for maisa and additional to that, cds for alim to watch.. each people pay for their own things except for alim who got mum to pay foe all his cds.. then i took mum to the thai odessy massage place for her foot massage.. then we went back to upm n setting up our own new gadgets.. its been a really exciting day for me.. yey me!!!

on sunday will be a boring day for me as i will definitely have to go to upm to do my project.. good luck to me.. not a yey me event.. sob sob..