Saturday, November 24, 2007

bandar seri putra --> kluang --> bandar seri putra --> upm --> bandar seri putra

today was a very hectic day for me.. i woke up at 6.00am in the morning, get ready to go to kluang. luckily maisa already prepare the sandwiches and i already prepare with all the stuff that we need to take along and we went out from the house at 6.45am.. we met Dr Arbaie n family at the nilai RnR and we start our journey to kluang.. we met Dr Ibrahim n wife at another RnR near kluang and then all the 3 cars go to the prime city hotel, kluang to meet with the other people. then we found out that there are already a lot of people from the groom side so my family and Dr Arbaie's family decided that we want to go to the bride's house straight away. when we reach there, we are the first guest. so we just kill the time by taking our pictures around the house (as the house is so nice).. by 11am the groom already arrive and we just wait for the tok kadi aka tok imam to arrive.. finally, they arrive and the ceremony begin at nearly 12pm.. actually this is my first time seeing live the aqad ceremony.. it was interesting and beutifully done. the groom just said the aqad for one time only and the bride is his, to love and protect.. then the we eat and we went back home. on the way, at the area of jasin, melaka, there has been a sudden traffic jam. i was so pissed off.. as i'm tired of sitting in the car for a long time. and it turn put that it was the police that making a road block.. thank god i stuck in it for only half an hour. then we reach home, shower n solat, get ready to go to upm. then me, maisa n mum went to upm bcoz mum got her executive class to teach and i have to do my work. around 8.15pm we went home, go to pasar malam n home..

home sweet home..