Monday, October 1, 2007

places that i really look forward to go to..

In this entry, i wanna display the places that i want to go to in the future, insyaAllah..well.. at the moment i'm still working on it but at least i have some idea on where to go to for holidays rite?

1) Mecca, Saudi Arabia - of course for hajj n umrah.. i can't wait to get the opportunity to go there.. its like dream come true n hopefully i can go there with all the people that i love..

2) New Zealand - i've heard about it since i was little and have been imagining how it would look like in real life.. finally, in the LOTR's movies i got the real scenary and it is so beautiful that i can't describe with words.. definitely a must-go place..

3) Africa - saying the name enough to make me wonder how wonderful and variety things that Allah create all of us in this world.. i can't wait to go there and teach their youngsters about health, and the importance of education in this world. AFRICA, HERE I COME!!

4) India, city of spices - we got our taste in spices from them of course.. and until now i love their curry especially the one which is cooked by the old-school indian dishes chef.. there's one eating place in Klang that serve their curry with original indian curry powder and everytime i go there, makes me want to eat there everyday for the rest of my life..

5) Ireland - when i was little i wanna be a surgeon but as time goes by, i realise that i can't achieve it because of my lazyness in studying.. boohoohoo.. but i still want to go and see the most beautiful seacoast in the world (according to me ok....) and of course i want to see where my all-time-favaurite boy band grew up, that is westlife.... yeahh..

6) Japan - the reason for this place is simply because i lke their culture. how they treat each other and how they treat other people. how they wanna stick to their own tradition but at the same time they are the best and quickest flow in electric and electronic gadget (for which i love sooooooooooo much!!).. and if possible, i wanna feel the earth quake over there too.. weird huh? yeah.. that's me..

7) New York City, USA - because its the city of all the A-list shops of fashion, brand and star-artist.. well.. i want to go there but i think i'm gonna wait till all the racism n skin-color problem being settled.. but when? i donno.. i also wanna go there because its the city for Ross, Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler and Phoebe from the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S this is my all-time favourite comedy and i don't get bored even if i watch it over and over again..

Joey : hey.. how u doin'

Rachel : i buy 30 fashion magazines every month!

Monica : i arranged my towels in 13 categorizes

Chandler : i have 2 mums

Ross : i'm married for 3 times!!

Phoebe : smelly cat smelly cat what are they feeding you

Well.. i guess i better start to work hard then or i would not be able to go to any one of this greatest place ever (again, according to me)..anybody would like to join me?


adamant said...

i plak teringin sekali nk g ke bulan, marikh, & jupiter. uhuhu...