Thursday, September 20, 2018

Merdeka Dive 2018 at Pulau Tenggol, Dungun, Terengganu.

The itinerary was:

30 Aug 2018.
10pm : Gather at TBS. Meeting up with Eda, Bell, Aznie, Amir & Abg Syed. Had our dinner. Abg Syed departed earlier than us since he was on a different bus.
11.30pm : Bus to Dungun, Terengganu.

31 Aug 2018.
5.30am : Arrived at Dungun. Went to nearby masjid. Freshened up and solat subuh.
6.30am : Meet up with our scuba diving instructor Cikgu Rahim, and other team members at Mc Donalds Dungun.
7.00am : Breakfast at the nearby warung.
8.00am : Depart to Dungun Dive Resort.
>> Change to dive suite, etc
>> Briefing on dive plan
>> Get the equipments
>> On the boat, depart to Pulau Tenggol
10.19am : 1st Dive : Tanjung Gemuk
12.10pm : 2nd Dive : House Wreck
>> Lunch on the boat.
2.07pm : 3rd Dive : Rajawali Reef
>> Back to the dive centre
>> Change of clothes
>> Rest
5.30pm : To Dungun beach area. Goreng pisang, keropok lekor etc.
6.45pm : Cikgu Rahim sent us Masjid. Solat.
7.45pm : Took grab cars to Dungun bus station
>> Dinner at nearly restaurant
11.00pm : Bus from Dungun to TBS (me, Eda, Bell, Amir & Abg Syed. Aznie took a bus to her hometown in Kuantan)

1 Sept 2018.
5.00pm : Arrived at TBS
>> Dispersed.

I'm compiling the videos to upload onto my YouTube channel. Unfortunately the Splice apps is somehow not detecting the videos. I need to find another video editor I guess.
Dive site : house wreck

Will upload the video once  I am done with editing.