Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Outing with girlfriends

On christmas day, I decided to join Eda and Wirda, together with their gym-mates Zaty and Lina for a movie. We watched the viral Dilwale by our favorite on screen couple Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

Since it was on public holiday, I assumed that the road will be clear. But, I also predicted that going into the Bukit Bintang area will be packed. We are meeting at Pavillion so I chose the route that I am familiar with. And it turned out yes the road was clear but going the Pavillion and Bukit Bintang area was crowded. After crawling in the traffic (literally) and struggling finding a parking space (another literally), I managed to find a parking spot.

Once I got into the mall, I was trying to call Eda and tadaaaaaaaaaaa my phone was out of service. Need to pay the bill first then only my phone will be unbarred. I have not reached my credit limit yet but they cut out my service according to their cut off date. What? Well, I don't want to understand why they do so. Nice timing eyy.

So I went around Pavillion to find a free wifi spot. Once connected, I whatsapped Eda asking her to find me, and paid my phone bill. Met Eda and we went to surau for Zuhur. Afterwards we met the others in front of the GSC movies.

After 3 hours of Dilwale, we went to Serai. After ordering our food, we went for solat Asar and came back to our tabled finding that our food has arrived. 

Then we went for something sweet at Nana's green tea cafe. 

Then we went for solat Maghrib and more borak session with coffee at Coffea Coffee.

I had a great time, ladies. Thank you. Muah xoxoxo


sweet tooth said...

Nothing beats ladies day out kan :-)

aliaaroslan said...

@sweet tooth betul kak. takyah control macho and boleh makan seberapa banyak nak. hehehe